Sunday, August 3, 2008


After a longish period of inactivity, Cinder Bridge has lined up a gig for Saturday, August 23. The venue: Kelly's Coffee and Fudge.

This presents a special challenge for a singer with a sweet tooth. Sugar and dairy tend to make you phlegmy -- not a big problem in everyday life, but highly inadvisable if you're about to (*hack, cough*) sing. So, for the sake of our adoring fans (or, more likely, the random passersby who hear us), I shall abstain.

Until we're done performing. After that, look out.


Anonymous said...

Well, sure. You don't drink so since you don't have a post-gig beer, in this instance you can have a post-gig chunk of fudge. ;)

cinderkeys said...

Exactly. Alcohol is supposed to be bad for vocals too, so for singing purposes they're equivalent. :)