Sunday, March 22, 2009

Brilliant new sales strategy

I'm generally good about promoting our CD when we play out. I make it known that (a) we have an album, and (b) it is available right here. I do this several times during the course of a gig. And when we don't get any bites, I assume the audience just didn't like us enough.

At today's gig, though, I tried something new. I said how much the CDs cost. And we got three sales, which was pretty respectable given the size of the crowd.

Why did this matter? Because at most gigs, people don't sit through an entire set. Even if they're enjoying the music, they tend to have other places to go. If we tell them how much they need to pay, they don't have to wait around to ask us. They can drop their money in the CD case, grab a CD, and be on their way.

I cannot believe it took me four years to figure this out.


DeppityBob said...

I thoroughly feel your pain. I'm reminded of someone from college (whom you never met) who did a great many things to befriend me, went out of her way to spend time with me more than once, and was completely sympathetic to some things, etc... Years later I thought on the last time I saw her and how she seemed uncomfortable in a way I couldn't put my finger on. And then the light bulb went on. DUHHHH.

Clueless people sometimes end up friends for a reason, you know.

Jannie Funster said...

I like the idea of selling them on the honor system, still you're right there watching, but you can just keep on playing yur music and don't have to deal wiht the transaction. I'm gonna try that! My CD comes out May 10th.

And if you want to see me singing and playing "in the flesh" at a show I've finally posted a video of me today.