Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day

When I called my dad today, he launched into a story he'd been saving for me.

He'd called AT&T because he needed to change something or other in his account. The friendly customer service rep took his information, then got to the obligatory identity-confirmation question.

"Oh, this should be easy for you," she said.

Instead of the usual query about his mother's maiden name, his favorite pet's name, or the street where he grew up, she asked: "Who is your favorite singer?"

My dad thought about it. Who would he have put down? Ray Charles, maybe? Norah Jones?

"Um, try someone a little closer to home," the CSR said.

"Oh! Susan Wenger!"

Heh. Happy Father's Day, Dad. If I'm not your favorite singer, I hope I'm still one of your two favorite daughters.


DeppityBob said...

Your dad is not exactly the King of Clue Castle, is he?

cinderkeys said...

The really funny thing is that when he set up his secret question, he thought, "Oh, this is great! I'll never forget this!"