Sunday, November 15, 2009

Single Payer Now Band Jam video

Sound & Fury put together a little video of last week's Single Payer Band Jam. About five and a half minutes long, it starts off with some nice footage of the Earthlingz, followed by interviews with some of the organizers.

The video is available here.

If you're interested in what intelligent, articulate proponents of a single-payer system have to say, watch the whole thing. If you want to catch the Earthlingz rocking out, watch the first minute and a half. If you're desperate for scraps of anything involving Cinder Bridge (i.e., you are my mother), here's a breakdown:

1:43 - Cinder Bridge plays "Goodbye to You" (heard in the background during interview of Rick Graap, MD, of Single Payer Now)

2:31 - Cinder Bridge babbles to the audience (heard in the background during interview of Lee Stanfield of Single Payer Now)

3:50 - Cinder Bridge thanks the MC offstage (seen in the background while Dr. James Dumbauld speaks; I think this is when I apologized for making the poor guy try to pronounce "myalgic encephalomyelitis")

4:12 - Cinder Bridge introduces "Everything Changes," then plays a bit of it (heard in the background during Lee Stanfield interview)

4:47 - Cinder Bridge plays "Saturday Morning" (heard in the background during Rick Graap interview)

5:10 - Cinder Bridge's "Everything Changes" is played over the closing written statement -- yay!

So, you can hear us, and you can see us. Just not at the same time.

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Anonymous said...

You were right! (You are always right about everything, of course.) Your mother loved it!

Love, Mom