Friday, November 27, 2009

Substance abuse, part II

Today has been the last full day I'll spend at the parental homestead before jetting back to Tucson. Know what I'm going to miss?

Well, the family, sure. It will be a while before I see them again.

Also the vast blocks of time where I'm free to do nothing at all.

But you know what else?

I'm going to miss orange juice.

My first vocal coach, during my first voice lesson, gave me a list of all the items I should not consume before singing in public: Sugar. Dairy products. Alcohol. Caffeine.

At first I thought this wouldn't pose a problem. I hardly ever drank alcohol. I never drank coffee. Avoiding sugar or dairy would be a pain because of chocolate, but I tried to do chocolate in moderation anyway. I could go without it from time to time.

Then it hit me. No sugar meant no orange juice. Which I consumed on a very regular basis—at least one of those cans of concentrate a day.

I'd had a perpetual dry cough for years. Was orange juice the reason?

I stopped buying it. The dry cough didn't disappear entirely, but it got dramatically better, very quickly.

So now, the only time I drink orange juice is when I'm on vacation. I can justify it then. It's not like a last-minute gig will pop up when 1,400 miles separates me from my keyboard, our speakers, and Ron the Drummer.

About 14 hours left to drink with impunity.



DeppityBob said...

You're a woman with an orange on your back.

Anonymous said...

You should come here on vacation when we can have fresh-squeezed orange juice straight from my tree. It will, after all, be a vacation. My trees don't produce coughs. LOL!


cinderkeys said...

Me and the orange on my back will so take you up on that offer if I can ever make it out there.