Wednesday, March 31, 2010


We weren't selected for the Tucson Folk Festival this year. Alas.

We hadn't thought it would be difficult to get in, given that they let us play last year. However, a lot more people applied this time around—a "staggering 43% increase," according to the selection committee.

There are several reasons why we may not have made the cut:
  1. They think we suck.
  2. They realized we're not actually a folk band.
  3. They think we suck because we're not actually a folk band.
We're disappointed, but that's the way it goes. In the meantime, we've got something else in the works that we're pretty excited about. I'll talk about that when I'm less afraid of jinxing it.



phil.aznz said...

Don't let it get to you...there's a grand tradition of TFF not asking perfectly good artists back (and your suspicions could be spot on).

I was in a country/bluegrass/acoustic rock confabulation known as the Jones Brothers back in the early to mid 90s. We didn't have the same mother, but we did have different fathers. We played TFF for a few years in a row.

One year we closed our set with an upbeat version of "You Are My Penis" -- a song which hewed almost exactly to its musical doppelganger "You Are My Sunshine" -- as we were being broadcast live on KXCI. Without predelay. The crowd giggled and applauded. The DJs spluttered and melted down (or so we were told).

We were not invited to play the following year....

cinderkeys said...

That is hilarious. I wish I'd caught that performance.

Is "penis" an FCC no-no? I wouldn't have thought KXCI would be so stodgy. Foo.

DeppityBob said...

I've never been invited to the TFF. I say we boycott.

PS I bet it was the piano thing.