Friday, March 26, 2010

Paws in the Plaza pictorials

More gig pics! These are from March 6, when we did the Humane Society benefit.

Setting up before the performance. On the right, Ron the Drummer is meticulously checking, er, something or another that I didn't have to worry about because Ron handles everything related to equipment. Have I mentioned lately that Ron is awesome?

The performance itself. I usually don't sing with my hat on as it bumps against the mic if I'm not careful. I made an exception because the sun in my face would have driven me crazy otherwise. Shockingly, the hat did not protect my face from getting burnt to a crisp.

Ron the Drummer!

"Hey," I wrote to Ron after cropping this last pic, "at least one of us managed to look photogenic!"

"It looks like I am going to bite someone," replied Ron.

I hadn't noticed. But yeah, he kind of does.

Anyway. See you next time we play. Grab a seat right in front. Ron won't bite. Probably.


Jannie Funster said...

I agree -- great solo pic of Ron The Drummer.

Yours are good too!

Did you not have on sunscreen, woman???


cinderkeys said...

No sunscreen. I do this every year. You'd think I'd learn.