Friday, May 12, 2023

#MillionsMissing 2023

It's May 12, which means it's ME/CFS Awareness Day, #MillionsMissing Day, and time for my now-yearly blog post.

(If you've somehow reached this page without knowing what ME/CFS is, go here.)

The last time Ron and I performed was for a #MillionsMissing event in 2019. After that, the pandemic happened and everybody isolated. These days, most people are acting like it's over, but I'm currently living with somebody who's immunocompromised and thus still keeping semi-isolated. We haven't rehearsed since February 2020.

What I've given up is likely temporary, and it's just a fraction of what people with ME and long covid have lost.

I'm tired, and I'm a little sad, and I hope we're all in a better place by next year.