Saturday, July 19, 2008

Retroactive justification for a rare night out

I wasn't supposed to go out Friday night. Too many things to do. So when I drove myself to Frog and Firkin to see a Nobody, et al., a band I'd found on Myspace a few weeks ago, it was with a sense of getting away with something -- playing hooky from real life for a while.

By the time I arrived, F&F's patio was packed to the gills. I parked myself on the steps to the indoor entrance and listened to the band, waiting for a seat. One by one, people at a large circular table began to vacate. I bided my time, rushed the table as the last person left, and reached it just as a party of six women came to claim it. An awkward moment lingered until one of them took pity on me and invited me to join them.

So, in addition to good music, I had fun talking with my tablemates during the break. Susan, the woman who had extended the invitation, thought she recognized me, and we came to the conclusion that she must have seen me at a Cinder Bridge gig. I ended up passing a copy of our CD around, and signed two people in the group up for our mailing list.

I also got to talk to a couple of Nobody, et al. members who, as it turns out, remembered Cinder Bridge from Acoustic Battle of the Bands. I signed one of them up for our list too.

So, yeah. I wasn't blowing off my responsibilities. I was networking and promoting our band. Yeah, that's it!

P.S. The boys in Nobody, et al. sound just as good live as they do recorded. If you live in Tucson, I highly recommend that you check them out.


Anonymous said...

Well hey, that as a "get out of guilt free" card if ever I saw one. :) And how else would you go about networking your band? Spending time in person at other gigs seems to me to be the thing to do.

And hey, it was successful! Remember that group Molly ran for a while? Ostensibly for some mix of web designers, writers, editors, and various tech folks? We went to quite a few of those, and I had hoped to do some networking there. As far as that went, I ended up accomplishing exactly two things: diddly and squat.

So enjoy your pleasant night out that unexpectedly received a generous dash of networking success and smile!

cinderkeys said...

In terms of networking, nothing ever came of Molly's gatherings for me either -- the one possibility never materialized. But back then I didn't have to justify my nights out. It was enough that her gatherings were fun. :)

Anonymous said...

Well, I'm still there (as long as they're fun, it's good). So you should be, too. :)