Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Gigging for Obama

Oooh. Cinder Bridge, along with a bunch of other bands, will be playing "Barack 'n' Roll," a grassroots concert to support Barack Obama's campaign. To be allowed in, we had to meet three conditions:
  1. Declare our support for Barack Obama
  2. Submit our CD to Club Congress, the venue hosting the event, so they could determine that we do not suck
  3. Promise not to make fun of the name "Barack 'n' Roll"
Though we've done benefits before, they've always been for some charity or another, nothing election-related. As a band we're pretty apolitical. Still, Ron the Drummer and I do like Obama, and it's cool to be able to support him in this way. The concert will be the first time I've participated in an election by any other means than voting.

It's also a nice opportunity for Cinder Bridge. When I asked Seth of Nobody, et al. how they scored their Frog and Firkin gig, he said that they played a benefit there with other bands, and the establishment liked them enough to invite them back. Maybe that will happen with us at Club Congress. Fingers crossed.

The concert is on Sunday, August 17, beginning at 3 p.m. I'll post our slot as soon as we know what it is.

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Anonymous said...

Don't drive there, since currently he vaguely supports renewable research but no new drilling, so unless you have solar panels or wind turbines on your car, in Barack World your car won't get you to the gig. ;) Though you can use illegal aliens to carry you and your gear there, since he fully supports rolling over for all illegals in order to get their and all Hispanic votes......Just don't sing in English when you get there....

(I hate McCain as much in his own way. This election makes thinking about going overseas so easy.)