Thursday, October 2, 2008

Random thoughts on Obama gig #2

  • Gig took place at a gorgeous house in Oro Valley with a gorgeous view of gorgeous mountains. While setting up, I decided that the band needs to start making tons of money as soon as possible so I can afford a place like that. Part of me has embraced my current financial situation because it lends me a little more street cred as a musician. Street cred is overrated. I want the nice view.

  • If the band started making tons of money, you know what else we could afford? Roadies. That would be cool.

  • The actual performing: total atmosphere gig. However, a few people told us afterwards that we sounded great, which meant that some listening happened. Yea!

  • I should consider wearing a barrette or scrunchie or something to our next outdoor gig. No matter how un-windy it is outside, one strand of hair always ends up in my mouth while I'm singing.

  • Sometime after 7 p.m., one of the hosts requested that we tone it down for our last few songs, as she was afraid her neighbors might complain about the noise. No problem. We had more songs in the set list than time to play them, and it was easy enough to pick out the mellowest ones. Kind of amusing, though. Cinder Bridge isn't exactly death metal. Being asked to turn down always makes me feel like a real rocker. Oooooh.

  • A guest speaker said that when Kerry was running, a lot of people who supported him did so mainly because they didn't like Bush. Now, he said, more people are voting for Obama because they like Obama. And it occurred to me for the first time that Cinder Bridge never donated time and music to the Kerry campaign. Mostly this was because no one asked us, but we didn't think about seeking the opportunities, or even that there might be any. It's a different vibe this time, that's for sure.

  • Between the donations and the silent auction, Celebrate Our Candidate raised over $2,500. Sweet. Also, yow.

's'all I can think of. Next gig happens Friday, October 10, at Black Rose Caffe. Next Obama gig happens sometime later in October, at Old Town Artisans. I don't remember the date, and it's too late at night to bug Ron the Drummer for the details. Updates to follow after Ron the Drummer wakes up and I can bug him for details.


Jannie Funster said...

Okay, listened to your MySpace again, how about "Contemporary Danceable Joyous Gloom" for your music?

The piano reminds me of Billy Joel. You sure have very nimble fingers!


cinderkeys said...

Interesting. You think we're danceable? :)

Thanks for the Billy Joel comparison. He's one of my heroes!

DeppityBob said...

You got asked to turn it down.


So what's the opposite of turning it up to 11? Turning it down to -1?