Monday, March 9, 2009

Paws at the Plaza postscript: Pilfering the percussionist

Geez. I went to all the trouble of describing passerby responses at our last gig -- in handy bullet-point format, no less -- and forgot the best response of all.

As we were breaking down, Ron the Drummer told me that some guy had pressed a business card into his hand. I looked at the card and shrugged. The name on it didn't mean anything to me. Ron turned it over to reveal a handwritten note. Dude was looking for a drummer and wanted to know if Ron was interested.

Ha HA! Thank you, business card guy, for recognizing Ron's incredible drumming prowess. But out of all the musicians in Tucson desperately seeking a drummer, Ron wants to work with ME.

Now that I think of it, I should've included that in the counting-of-blessings bullet points in my birthday post as well. Consider it belatedly added.

Speaking of the birthday, it actually went fine despite my prior kvetchfest. My boyfriend dutifully informed me that I was still hot, and then we ate an obscene amount of sushi.


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