Friday, April 24, 2009

Why Ron does all our booking

Walking into a grocery store the other night, I noticed someone in the checkout line who seemed vaguely familiar. She looked a lot like the woman who ran the computer lab I frequented back when I was in grad school several lifetimes ago. I didn't think it was likely to be the same person, though, until I noticed that she was giving me second glances as well.

Not only was it her, but in line ahead of her was her husband, who had taught a couple of my statistics classes. We talked for a minute or two about what they had been doing, and then they asked, "So you're good?"

I said yes and they were on their way.

Not until I was in the car going home did I realize I'd missed an opportunity. My answer should have been, "Yeah, I'm doing great. My band's in the Folk Festival this year." Who knows, maybe they would have gone.

This is why Ron does all of the promotional/networking stuff. He would've been all over that.

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