Saturday, July 11, 2009

Pinch hitting

We have a gig at Old Town Artisans tonight!

We acquired said gig a couple of days ago, when the band originally scheduled to play backed out. Apparently their opening acts bailed as well.

I don't know who the bands were or why they cancelled. I do, however, know that the temperature was supposed to reach 110 degrees over the weekend. And as Old Town Artisan gigs happen outdoors, part of me has to wonder if these two things aren't related.

If so, the joke's on the other band. Latest predictions say the high will only be 108 degrees. Ha!

Anyhow, if you're in Tucson, come see us:

Date: Saturday, July 11
Time: 7 to 9 p.m.
Place: Old Town Artisans, 201 N. Court Ave.
Admission: Free free free

The patio in question has a bunch of trees providing a bunch of shade, so you should be fine. If you were the sort who would let a little heat keep you from good music, you wouldn't be living in Tucson, darnit.

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