Sunday, October 11, 2009

Invisible people on the edge

It's a familiar story these days. Dave Rhodes has been looking for work and not finding any, and his unemployment benefits have come to an end. Now he and his wife, Dorian, face homelessness if they can't make their rent.

The twist: They have nowhere to go. Dorian is sick. She has ME/CFS, fibromyalgia, and chemical sensitivities. Homeless shelters don't accommodate chemical sensitivities. Even if the people who ran them knew they should, I doubt they could afford to.

So, Dave came up with a plan. He's selling sidebar space on his blog.

For $20, he'll put your badge on the bar for 30 days. He'll link the badge to your business website, blog, Twitter account, or whatever you want.

Details here.

They have a few days to come up with $850. After a few days they'll be hit with an additional $500 fee.

If you've ever considered advertising on the web -- or even if you never have -- now's a great time. Dave doesn't guarantee fabulous results, but I tell you what. If you put a badge up, I'll click through to your site.


Rhodester said...

Wow, cool.. thanks.

I was going to take the post down tonight. Dorian said I shouldn't. We have the amount needed but the property manager said she's going to start eviction after noon tomorrow anyway because I told her it will take a few days to transfer funds from PayPal to our bank acct. Nice, huh?

cinderkeys said...

Gah. So this means you'll need the $500 extra after all?

Do you know anyone willing to float you a loan before noon tomorrow, given that you'll be able to pay them back in a few days?

Rhodester said...

I'm not paying 500 extra for lawyers if it came to that. No way. Not when we're struggling and have a hard time buying groceries. If she files, we're out and I'm keeping what we have so far to do something else.

Jannie Funster said...

That sucks. We just had to shell out over $1200 for our kid's broken arm, with E.R. bills still to come. We had to dip into money we didn't really have for the bone guy who needed it "at time of service." If I dipped any further I'd be in trouble.

Nice thing to try and help your friend.