Tuesday, December 15, 2009

New home for Everybody Knows About Me

A while back, Cinder Bridge recorded a song called "Everybody Knows About Me," about someone living with ME/CFS. We wanted to use the song to promote awareness about the disease, but didn't know where to begin.

A web search led me to Tom Hennessey, the activist who founded ME Awareness Day. I contacted him and asked for advice. Upon hearing the song, he offered to host it on his own site, RESCINDinc.org, and take donations for downloads.

Sadly, the site's been down for a few months now, probably because Tom isn't doing well. He's actually been very sick for a long time, so "not doing well" is a relative thing—he's doing even worse. I've resisted finding a new home for "Everybody Knows About Me," hoping the site would come back. There are other places I can put it, but none that will take donations.

Tonight I wanted to give someone a link to the song and decided, enough waiting. I just made the fully arranged and produced version of "Everybody Knows About Me" available for download on Myspace. It replaces the demo version that was up there before.

If RESCIND makes a dramatic reappearance, or if we hook up with another ME organization that would like to use the song for donations, maybe I'll take it off Myspace. In the meantime, anyone looking for "Everybody Knows About Me" can find it here:



Jannie Funster said...

Thats' cool, Susan! Good for you for going for it via a different route. It's a great song to raise awareness.

I had a MySpace page once, never used it much.

cinderkeys said...

*nodnod* ... We used to use Myspace all the time, but our usage just kind of petered out. We really need to find a better place for the song, but an OK solution now is better than the perfect solution tomorrow.

Aimee Bontreger said...

Thanks for the comment. It certainly is refreshing to find others who don't believe chronic fatigue is "all in the head".