Friday, January 29, 2010

Where's an evil twin when you need one?

I've been thinking about a song I wrote a while back. It runs a little long. Though I have no problem with longer songs on general principle, I fear that this one drags a bit. It could stand to shed a few pounds.

Tonight I tried snipping the last chorus. I decided it was probably dispensable; all I needed to do was tack a different ending onto the final verse. I played with it a little, and the solution quickly presented itself to me.

Just one problem. The new ending includes two different vocal melodies with alternating repetitions of two different lyrical snippets. Which requires two singers.

Cinder Bridge doesn't have two singers. There's only me.

Maybe if I learn Tuvan throat singing ...


Jannie Funster said...

Holograph yourself?

Probably play the twin's line on your keys?

Fireblossom said...

Can you record a vocal track to use? I'm not a musician, I don't know if that is practicable.

Failing that, I don't thin Linda Ronstadt has been busy for a few years. There have also been great strides made in cloning. Maybe Molly the Sheep can sing. ;-)

cinderkeys said...

Hmmm. I could maybe play the twin's version on keys, but it might sound cheesy. Will give it a try.

Recording a second vocal track works wonderfully in the studio. We did that for a few songs on Highways and Hiking Shoes. And you can loop vocal tracks live if you're set up to do it, which we're not. I've got a built-in prejudice against going that route ... not sure why.

The cloning idea could totally work! Except that you don't get a fully formed adult you, with all your memories. You get an embryo, which you eventually have to raise to adulthood. And in my case, teach to sing. On the plus side, at least the kid wouldn't be able to say her mother didn't understand her.