Monday, March 1, 2010

Get yourself some cheap sunglasses

Hanging out with some friends who came to see our Glass Onion gig, I got some spontaneous advice:

Look people in the eye more often. That engages them. It makes it seem more like you're singing to them and not at them.

A good insight, but kind of funny in light of Ron the Drummer's recent suggestion that I shouldn't do that so much. I had taken his words to heart and didn't attempt eye contact as often this time around.

Then another friend who'd seen us jumped in with a different suggestion. If I don't like eye contact, I should get a pair of sunglasses and wear them while we play. Then I can look at people, stare into space, close my eyes, do anything I want, and people won't care. He said that's what he did when he was performing.

It's a good idea, but it wouldn't work for me.

Sunglasses convey a sense of detachment and cool. Our songs are not detached, and they are not cool. Unless you're Stevie Wonder, donning shades whilst spilling your guts all over the stage doesn't really work.

Also, I hate wearing sunglasses.

Oh well. Back to the drawing board.


Sally Milo said...

A hat has worked for me in the past - though my eyes are visible, it gives me a bit of the security blanket feeling. (I used to be extraordinarily shy.)

MOS said...

I think you should do whatever seems natural to you. I've been to several of your concerts, and your expression and eye contact seemed fine. If you worry about it too much, then it runs the risk of looking staged.