Sunday, April 4, 2010

The voice of authority

I finally got to listen to Border Songs by Jordan Bullard, the the guy I met on the airplane. He writes the kind of folk I like, with skilled, soulful strumming and strong messages that don't scream "listen to this message because it is important!" Jordan and I had talked about how we hate songs that explicitly preach at you, so that didn't surprise me much.

What did catch me by surprise was his voice. You can never predict how people will sound singing by how they sound speaking. Jordan sings a lot deeper than he talks.

More than that, though, was the sense of authority. In conversation, he was just like anybody else—a person with opinions that might be correct or incorrect. Now, as the singer, he gave the impression of being all-knowing, simply presenting reality as it was.

That's the beauty and the power of music. When you sing about the world as you experience it, it's hard to be wrong.

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j bobby said...

Thanks so much for your very kind words (I'm also an introvert).