Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Anniversary of a leap of faith

Nine years ago today I bought my first keyboard: a brand spankin' new Roland RD700.

As big purchases go, the Roland wasn't terribly practical. I already had a real upright piano to practice on. I wasn't going to use the other synthesized, non-piano voices for much except occasionally goof around with them. And the thing was expensive—$1,600 for the keyboard itself, another $400+ for the amp, stand, and other equipment.

The big draw? I could cart a keyboard around to gigs.

I wasn't in a band. There were no gigs. I just had a vague notion that I wanted there to be.

In retrospect, buying the Roland was out of character. I usually like to have a concrete destination in mind before I invest in whatever I'll need to reach it. But somehow, this time, I managed to overcome my reservations about the cost, my fears that the keyboard would end up gathering dust. I decided it was worth doing, and I did it.

Eventually there was a band. Eventually there were gigs. Demos. An album.

Sometimes you have to make the investment before you know exactly what you're investing in.

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DeppityBob said...

This is why you rock in more ways than one. :)