Sunday, June 9, 2013

Cutting-edge copyright

I just sent 28 songs to the US Copyright Office for registration. The last time I registered any of my work was six or seven years ago, so it was overdue.

A lot has changed in six years.

Back in 2006, I downloaded the proper form online, printed it, filled it out, and Fed-Exed it along with a CD and a check. Tonight I did the entire thing online. Even though a few of the instructions were more confusing than what I'd encountered before, it felt a lot more convenient. And cutting-edge.

Well, almost cutting-edge. Ordinary non-technical people have been ordering and paying for stuff online since what, 1999? But hey, it takes the government a while to catch up.

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DeppityBob said...

They may be evil, but they're a slow-moving evil.