Sunday, July 14, 2013

She cuts me even more, she changes

While things are looking up for gay rights in this country, other current events have got me down. Browsing iPod selections this morning, I happened on this song ...

... and realized that it fit my political mood perfectly.
Beauty like a knife
She cuts me even more, she changes
Right before my eyes into something ugly and sore
"Of Thee I Sing," by Leon Russell, is over 40 years old. Should we worry when a protest song written in 1971 still rings true today?


DeppityBob said...

Yes, we should worry, because the class warfare that started post-war has done nothing but fester, and it's become even more apparent now than then that the ruling class are beyond touch. It's going to get quite bad.

MOS said...

Ok, I looked up the lyrics and I guess it's a protest song about the US because of the title. But I don't really get it.