Tuesday, May 13, 2014

RCA Studio B

Hey, I promised you more posts about Nashville, didn't I. Sorry for the delay. I was waiting on some pics, and then came ME Awareness Day, and ... Well, at any rate, the Nashville tales resume here. All photos courtesy of Greg Stager.

Thursday, April 24

Historic RCA Studio B is where Elvis Presley recorded 60 percent of his hits. It's also where we just laid down a bunch of tracks.

In fact, the piano I played was the same one Elvis's pianists played.

The awe factor was pretty high going in. I expected ... I'm not sure, exactly. For there to be an aura about the place. For it to look like the kind of studio famous people used. But it seemed unassuming. That's the best word I can think of. It looked like any recording studio.

I mentioned this to Drew Raison, our producer, as he gave me a tour. Drew agreed. He said the entire neighborhood was like that—all these little studios with jaw-dropping history, housed in buildings that didn't call attention to themselves.

Once we settled in, I realized there was something kinda cool about the modest-ness of the rooms. Something neat about the idea that Elvis Presley came in here to work, and he wasn't surrounded by settings that existed to highlight how important he was. I imagined him stepping in, as we did, and saying, "Let's get 'er done."

We got a lot done in RCA Studio B tonight. I just hope our doings are worthy of those who came before us.

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