Sunday, December 13, 2015

Adoptable animals

There was a bit of confusion today when we arrived at HOPE Animal Shelter. The area where we were supposed to play was taken up by tables with food, raffle stuff, and other goodies. After some brainstorming, somebody figured out that we'd fit in the corner.

"HOPE has adoptable animals," I announced between songs. "Ron is a drummer-sound guy mix, and for a reasonable donation, you can take him home today. I'm a keyboardist-singer mix, but they need to spend more time socializing me, which is why I'm in the enclosure."

Ron is no longer available, having returned to his forever home with his wife and many cats. If you're looking to adopt a quadrupedal animal, however, HOPE is still a great place to go.


Leigh S. said...

This is FANTASTIC and you are BRILLIANT!! Sorry I missed this show, but maybe a good thing. 4 out of 4 dogs in my home agree - we don't need another one! :D

cinderkeys said...

Hee. They kept the dogs and cats out of sight, so you would only have been in trouble if you took the tour. That surprised me a little. At similar functions, I've seen staff members walking the dogs around, presumably for the purpose of tempting people.