Sunday, May 4, 2008

Airport gig report

I like playing at the TIA. It's fun to watch people pass by with surprised and often pleased looks on their faces as they think, "Huh. There's a band ... at the airport. That's interesting."

One guy was there with his three-year-old daughter and danced with her through several songs. So cute. Another guy bought a CD. In general, anyone paying attention to us at all seemed to be happy we were there. We were slated to play for an hour, but no one objected when we made it two.

Err, almost no one. A woman came up to us toward the end with her very best trying-to-be-nice-but-not-trying-to-conceal-irritation face and asked if we could take a break for a while, because "I can't hear the announcements."

Oh well. Can't please everyone. :)


DeppityBob said...

That's the point where you gesture to the tip jar and wait, fingers poised over the keyboard, suggestive look in your eyes. :)

Anonymous said...

All she needs to do is look at the monitors to see if her flight is delayed. The only other thing she'd miss over the loudspeaker is hearing the "don't leave your bags unattended" message for the 18th time. And yeah, playing a gig at the airport IS pretty weird, but in a good way. I've seen a lot of things in a lot of airports, here and overseas, but never a live band.

cinderkeys said...

The guy buying a CD from us pointed out to the woman that she could look at the monitors. This did not appear to placate her.

Alas, we forgot to put out the tip jar. Somehow I don't think she could have been persuaded to buy a CD. ;)

David Powell said...

Do you guys get paid for that? If so, by whom? Just curious. :)