Saturday, May 17, 2008

My kingdom for a verse

I came up with an idea for a song yesterday. Riding my bike to work, I developed the seeds of a chorus. Just before leaving work, I finished the chorus and e-mailed the lines to my home address. I'm pleased. What I've got so far has a cool metaphor that (to my knowledge) no one's used before, and it tackles an interesting topic.

But now ... now I have to write verses. I'm drawing a blank.

See, choruses are easy. They don't have to tell a story. They don't have to provide any specifics. All they have to do is present a basic concept in a catchy way. Coming up with the details that surround and support that concept? That's hard.


Anonymous said...

I find the harder I try the further away I get from what I really want to create. If the chorus came in the unexpected moment I'm sure the seeds of the verses will too.

cinderkeys said...

It's a delicate balancing act. If I force it, I won't get anything I want to keep. If I leave it alone entirely, nothing will happen. A little gentle coaxing is in order. That, and figuring out what it is I actually want to say. :)

DeppityBob said...

I think you might remember me coming up with the opposite a couple of times, though: an excellent first verse but no catchy chorus. Still waiting for it to hit me...many years later. :)