Saturday, December 27, 2008

Cinder Bridge, Incorporated: Nevermind

Ron the Drummer called me this morning about the company that supposedly took our name. Being much less lazy than I am, Ron took the extra step of signing up for the business directory that listed Cinder Bridge. That gave him access to the contact info for the companies listed there.

And? The phone number for Cinder Bridge is my cell number. The URL is, the band's website. Either their bot made a mistake, or they're trying to pad their directory to make it seem like it contains more businesses than it does.

Besides the mailing address for Cinder Bridge the company, the only piece of information they give that doesn't link back to us is the contact name: Alex Spivey. We have no idea who this is. I wonder if he or she would like to be our booking agent.


Anonymous said...

Whoever he is, he's probably funneling hundreds of spam e-mails to all of us every day. Don't pay him anything but derision. ;)

cinderkeys said...

C1nd3r Br1dge for your rock-hard manhood!

DeppityBob said...

"Wow! That's a cool name! Wish I'd thought of it! I know...I'll STEAL it!"