Wednesday, December 3, 2008

The ear of the beholder

While hanging out with longtime awesome friend DeppityBob over an extended Thanksgiving holiday, we got on the topic of my band. We were talking about what Cinder Bridge was up to, and he asked me:

"So when are you going to write a HAPPY song?"

* * *

At rehearsal tonight, Ron the Drummer said he'd heard from a friend of his and found out she was leaving her husband. Apparently she's been listening a lot to our album, Highways and Hiking Shoes. According to Ron, she finds it "hopeful and uplifting."

* * *

It amazes me that people can have such opposing reactions to our music. I mean, I get differences in taste. I get that some people are going to love us and other people (fools that they are) will hate us. But it's weird to me that, of those who basically like what we do, some think most of our stuff is depressing (Dep's not alone), and others think it's optimistic (Ron's friend isn't alone).

Maybe it has to do with what you consider happy. DeppityBob has a preference for up-tempo material, and our music tends toward mid-tempo. It's possible that certain listeners conflate "slow" with "despondent."

Or, maybe our music sounds more cheerful if you happen to be going through extreme trauma.

Cinder Bridge: the auditory Rorschach test.


DeppityBob said...

That's funny. I always thought your music looked like a butterfly wearing a party hat.

Unknown said...

See, and I'm a total lyrics girl, so I go by what the words say as to whether a song is happy or sad. Dust to Dust - totally sad and still my favorite song. End of my Sentence - awesome, ha-ha happy.

And yet both are not on the cd (which I initially typed as "album", showing my age :) ). *grumble*

I think you run the gamut of emotions on songs actually on the, too. Low key, definitely, but not all sad.

cinderkeys said...

Hey, you have special copies of both "Dust to Dust" and "End of My Sentence." :)

It's interesting how some people track on the lyrics and some don't. I get the impression that most don't bother.