Monday, February 2, 2009

Melody exorcism

When I write songs, the lyrics are usually the greatest stumbling block. The vocal melody tends to fall into place pretty easily. Now I'm working on a song where the lyrics are almost writing themselves, but I don't like the melody. It's serviceable, that's about it.

So I should just think of something better, right? Problem is, I can't seem to get the merely serviceable melody out of my head to make room for something else. Every time I try something new, it morphs into what I had before.

The original melody may start to grow on me before I think of a new one.


Unknown said...

On the brighter side, Melody Exorcism would be a great band name. :)

Anonymous said...

It really would. :)

Maybe play some heavy metal or something you really don't like to flush out the Barneyesque melody you have now?

Oh, and what do you have against the Super Bowl? ;)