Friday, February 6, 2009


Ron and I found out on Wednesday that we have a gig lined up for Friday. It's at Old Town Artisans from 6 to 8. Very good news. We put together a new set list for the occasion, and my plan for Thursday's practice was to work on the songs we hadn't been playing as much lately.

Except there was no time. One dentist's appointment spawned another when dentist's office #1 referred me to a (gulp) root canal specialist. So getting home early from work (read: late, but not as late as usual) became an impossibility. Then, after work, I had to get groceries. When I finally did arrive home it was around 9:30. I still needed to deal with food prep and dishes. I was tempted to skip practice entirely, but that seemed like a bad idea the night before a gig.

So instead of sitting at the keyboard to practice, I sung my songs while chopping vegetables and washing dishes.

I cannot decide if this was a creative and practical time management tactic, or a really dumb way to practice. Probably both.


Anonymous said...

Did the tomatoes throw themselves at you while you were singing? If not, then it was probably a good practice. ;)

cinderkeys said...

The tomatoes were a very polite audience. None of them bought CDs, though.