Sunday, May 3, 2009

Bingeing at the folk buffet

I've been busy for a while with work and other responsibilities. Too busy to go out and see a lot of live music. So when this year's Tucson Folk Festival rolled around, I figured it would be the perfect opportunity to make up for lost time.

I cleared my schedule. Made arrangements. Logged in over 18 hours at TFF 2009.

And came to a couple of realizations.

First, I need to get over the assumption that I'm the only musician out there who's too busy to hear other people play every weekend. While bopping around from stage to stage, trying to see everyone I liked, I ran into more than one musician who was trying to do the same thing.

That said, if I can find a way, I'd like to make live music a more frequent occurrence in my life. Not every weekend, maybe not even every month, but more than now. Because the second thing I learned is that trying to cram a year's worth of performances into one weekend is exhausting. No matter how good everyone is, no matter how fun they are to watch, eventually you just want to go home.

And that said, I'm already looking forward to Tucson Folk Festival 2010. Exhausting or not, it's always a good time.

See you next year.

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