Sunday, November 8, 2009

Unpronounceable advocacy success!

Today's benefit concert went nicely, I think. Some highlights:
  • The event was a lot more political than I originally thought it would be. Somebody I talked to mentioned the individual family that urgently needed medical care, but all the public statements were about getting the government to do the right thing and pass the right laws. The organizers were firmly in favor of a single-payer system.

  • The weather was perfect -- in the 80s with a gentle breeze. Sometimes it's good to live in Tucson.

  • The MC, reading off the prepared introduction for Cinder Bridge that I'd written, totally could not pronounce "myalgic encephalomyelitis." I told him beforehand that if he didn't think he could manage it, he could abbreviate to ME. He said he had to at least try.

  • In our 50-minute slot, I devoted more time than usual to ME/CFS speechifying. I went into a little detail about the symptoms, and why the name "chronic fatigue syndrome" is so misleading. People seemed receptive. Of course, they were there to support a single-payer healthcare system, so I'd expect them to be.

  • The audience seemed to like us. This is always a good thing, but particularly a relief given the advocacy element. When I put on my advocate hat, I fear we'll lack credibility if listeners think our music sucks.
So, all in all it went well. My only regret is that I forgot to tell the health insurance provider lightbulb joke. Next time ...


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What a great opportunity for you to present your music and message.

greenwords said...

Go you!