Saturday, April 17, 2010

ME/CFS video

There's a new ME/CFS video up on YouTube. Members of the Phoenix Rising forum have been contributing pictures and ideas over the last several months to make this happen.

The video features "Everybody Knows About Me," Cinder Bridge's song about living with the disease. I am beyond flattered that they used it.


DeppityBob said...

Excellent video, and I hope this cause gets you wider exposure. I'm one of the grateful for the song, too, on a day when things were good enough that I could play with my niece all day...even when it hurt.

cinderkeys said...

Thanks. :) The video has gotten very nice feedback so far. I hope it gets enough exposure to do some good.

Joanne said...

Well done for your amazing song and the presentation of the video is excellent.

How sad so many people struggle so with this awful illness.

I was diagnosed with ME/CFS but it was found to be Lyme Disease and I am doing really well. I started a blog about Lyme Disease on which I post about ME/CFS, do you mind if I re post this on my blog? I couldn't access your e mail to ask, some problem I have with Microsoft office.

cinderkeys said...

Hi Joanne. Glad to hear you were correctly diagnosed. Lyme sucks, but at least there's some kind of treatment for it.

Please do repost. :)

Joanne said...

Many thanks Cindy. I will link to your post and Laurel's.

Unknown said...

Great Song Cinder Bridge