Monday, December 6, 2010

Oh, dreidel dreidel dreidel

Just two weeks and five days before the Christmas music goes away.

Yeah, I know. A lot of people like it. They like it so much that they'll tune in to lite rock stations that play it 24 hours a day. I can change the station if I hear "Holly Jolly Christmas" on the radio, but there's no avoiding it when I venture into a supermarket or a shopping mall.

The one thing I'm eternally grateful for? That this hasn't happened with Hanukkah. While I have very fond memories of lighting the menorah with my family, adding the "The Dreidel Song" to the mix of holiday tunes would not improve matters. Trust me.

A lot of non-Christians grumble about how the whole Western world assumes everybody celebrates Christmas when December rolls around. I'm just happy that our relatively small numbers have kept us safe from the advertisers who would use our music to get us to buy their stuff.

* * *

Apologies to those of you who actually know "The Dreidel Song" and can't get it out of your head because of this post. If it's any consolation, it's stuck in mine now too.

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Rhodester said...

What the heck are jew talking about? I love Christmas music and you should too! Everyone should think and be as I am.