Wednesday, December 29, 2010


"Thursday" by Asobi Seksu just started playing on I have no idea who Asobi Seksu is; I'd never heard of this band before. But the song is making me feel like I'm in a movie. It has that soundtrack vibe.

I should be doing some emotionally relevant activity while this is on. Something to signify that things are finally turning around, or that I've taken decisive action. The montage.

As the song draws closer to its conclusion, it sounds as though my personal plot, whatever it is, has reached some kind of resolution. Now the credits are rolling.

After another song that doesn't fit my mood, Mason Jennings' "Moon Sailing on the Water" starts up. I picture myself on a dock somewhere, head tilted slightly to the side, staring ahead, contemplating whatever events have brought me to this point.

Funny how certain music can make everything seem more relevant, more significant, more imbued with drama.

What songs make you feel like your life is a story worth telling?

* * *

Update: Somebody more well versed in Japanese than I am has informed me the Asobi Seksu is a band name, not the singer's name. I have fixed.


MOS said...

Well, OK, I am hesitating even as I type this, because this is a very sentimental story and will likely produce an "Oh yuk" response in many.

John (AKA Dad to blog readers) and I met at a freshman mixer at the U. of Michigan. It was a "Some Enchanted Evening" moment because I literally saw him across a crowded room. It wasn't love at first sight, but he looked cute, interesting, and approachable. It was a multiplication dance, so I asked him to dance. And that was it. A wedding 4 years later, and Cinderkeys herself 6 years after that.

cinderkeys said...

Hee. As I recall from hearing this story before, it wasn't just a "Some Enchanted Evening" moment. They were actually playing "Some Enchanted Evening," yes?

I've never had an "our song" with anyone I've dated, but I associate a bunch of songs with Boyfriend.

MOS said...

No, I'm pretty sure they weren't actually playing "Some Enchanted Evening." Even in 1959, Broadway show songs wouldn't have been played at a college dance.

DeppityBob said...

What happened was, she looked across the floor and saw him at the exact moment that someone chanted "evening." You're welcome.

It's not a movie song, really, but if I had to choose a theme song for my life, it has to be "Tubthumpin'" by Chumbawamba. You know: "I get knocked down, but I get up again, no you're never gonna keep me down..." Either that or the ice-skating music from the Charlie Brown Christmas special. I think they co-exist rather bipolarly. :)