Tuesday, February 1, 2011


From down the hall, I could hear a coworker grumbling about the weather. I got a grin out of that. Yes, it was raining. Yes, the temperature had dropped considerably. But I grew up in a suburb of Chicago. As much as I prefer T-shirts to sweaters, I know better than to complain about a winter's day that only makes it down to 47 degrees.

If you complain about the cold in Tucson, Arizona, chances are you've lived here too long.

That said, I've been eyeing the forecasts warily. We've got a gig coming up on February 12, less than two weeks away, and it is outdoors.

I don't like playing when my fingers freeze.

Weather Underground predicts that it will get up to 59 by this Saturday. Fingers crossed for a continued upward trend.

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