Saturday, August 13, 2011

Breaking news: People like music!

A new medical study shows that music may have beneficial effects on cancer patients. For instance ...
The authors ... found evidence that music interventions may have a beneficial effect on several physiologic responses, including reducing heart and respiratory rates. These results are also consistent with findings from another Cochrane systematic review on the use of music with coronary heart disease patients, which also found a reduction in heart rate.
(Full Medscape article here. If you hit a registration wall, you can currently get around it by googling cancer music anxiety and clicking the first search result.)

This is interesting stuff, worth exploring further. The headline, though, is what caught my attention:

Music Lowers Anxiety and Boosts Mood in Cancer Patients

Really? Gosh, Medscape, that's fascinating! Who'd have thunk that people with cancer get the same emotional goodies out of music as everybody else?


Lori said...

Yes, and a new study by Harvard School of Medicine found that potato chips are fattening. Go figure!

Anonymous said...


Even more reason for you to keep making beautiful music!

Guess who waltzed back into my life?! My boyfriend from 25 years ago; the musicican/music producer boyfriend! He's doing quite well for himself! Even has a beautiful CD out. Not bad for an old folk! (We are both 54)