Wednesday, August 24, 2011

In praise (mostly) of technology

My hard drive is officially dead. The guy I hired to try to fix it called me today and said his attempts had failed. He could try to recover the data, but that would cost at least $600. Eh, no.

There goes the Cinder Bridge mailing list. Poof.

And yet, I am not hating technology this week. Technology was my friend at Saturday's FireFest gig. Technology enabled a listener to record a couple of our songs with a small, presumably affordable camera; now the videos are on YouTube, Facebook, and the blog.

After we played, a new fan wanted to sign up for the mailing list. I didn't have pen and paper on me. He got onto Cinder Bridge's Facebook page from his smartphone and hit the "Like" button so he'd get updates that way.

He probably wouldn't have had the ability to do that just eight years ago, when the band was getting started.

So all in all, tech remains on my good side. For now.

On another note, if you were on our mailing list, or you would like to be on our mailing list, send me e-mail at susan (at) We'll set you up.


Brian McDonald said...

Maybe in a year from now you can do a follow-up article, "In praise of backups." :)

Jenna said...

Susan, I so agree. I have a love/hate relationship with technology too.
My computer is making an awful noise this morning (probably an internal fan), so I decided to back-up my data to our external hard drive. Ah, that failed (drive full), so now I'm a bit nervous 'til we get a new external hard drive.
I recommend backing up your data to an external source. In a perfect world, I try to back-up my data once a week. Ah, I'm a bit behind.
Oh, and thanks for the add on Facebook.
Facebook, another love/hate relationship. :)

cinderkeys said...

Brian: Yeah, yeah. I was days away from backing up everything, too. All my work projects were safely saved elsewhere, but not extras like the mailing list. Bleargh.

Jenna: Good luck. :) And agreed about FB.