Sunday, May 2, 2010

Another musician raises awareness for ME/CFS

A British rock musician by the name of Mark Emmins is recording a song and making a video for ME/CFS awareness. He's asking sufferers who are "wiling to let the world see them bedridden and ill" to send pictures of themselves to use in the video.

More info at Dancing with the Sandman. If you have ME/CFS and would like to participate, send your photos to Deadline is May 5. He wants to have a finished product to show the world by May 12, ME/CFS Awareness Day.

It's interesting synchronicity. His call for photos comes right on the heels of the Phoenix Rising video release. As far as I can tell, he wasn't aware that the first video existed.

I'm especially curious to hear the song, "Misunderstood." As an ME/CFS advocate, I think we need as many artists on the case as possible. As an artist on the case, I look forward to finding out how a fellow songwriter approached the same topic.


John Wenger said...

As you say, it is a good thing to get other artists in on all of this in a spirit of brotherhood; the cause comes before anything else, and all thoughts of competition should fade away while we put the cause front and center.

Having said this, I also think that you will blow away the competition. Not that I have seen the competition, but I just know you will triumph.

cinderkeys said...

Thanks, Dad, for your totally objective and unbiased assessment. ;)

DeppityBob said...

What he said.