Sunday, July 18, 2010

Advocacy, naming conundrums, and the Cinder Bridge website

Construction of the new and improved Cinder Bridge website continues apace. Well, maybe not "apace." It continues in fits and starts, whenever I happen to have time to poke at it.

In a sense, working on the website is more difficult now than when I did the original version. Back then I had no real experience with design. I wanted the thing to look good, sure, but I was satisfied with a semi-decent amateur effort. These days I create book covers for a living. I'm supposed to know what I'm doing. So now, of course, it has to be perfect.

What do they say about doing surgery on your own baby? Oh yeah: don't.

Anyway, I think I've finally gotten myself past the it-has-to-be-perfect stage. The mockup of the home page is almost done. Almost. Just as I was about to declare it complete and move on, I realized that there was a problem.

The new website will have an additional page for our ME/CFS advocacy efforts, with information about the disease and a blurb about why we recorded Everybody Knows About Me. All well and good. But the navigation link to this future page says "Advocacy."

People familiar with the band might guess that means advocacy for ME/CFS. No one else will.

Possible alternatives?
  • ME/CFS advocacy

    Doesn't fit, and I'd rather not make the links smaller if I can avoid it. Also, it shares a problem with ...

  • ME/CFS

    That's OK, but I'd like to eventually expand our advocacy to all neuroimmune diseases. We could be a lot more powerful if people with ME/CFS, fibromyalgia, Lyme disease, multiple chemical sensitivities, and others banded together.

  • Neuroimmune advocacy

    Doesn't fit.

  • NID advocacy

    You've figured out that NID stands for neuroimmune disease because of the context, but no one else will know.
If you have any ideas, I'm all ears.


Joanne said...

What about Advocacy for treatments for ME/CFS Patients
A bit long but if a brief description doesn't say it then a longer one may be needed.

You are brave to change your blog I will not fiddle further with mine.

Joanne said...

Sorry I meant to say it does look very professional.

cinderkeys said...

I'm not changing this blog, I'm changing the band website ( See on the left where it says "Home," "About Us," etc. I want a link to an advocacy page, and the name of the link has to be very short.

Laurel said...

Is there any way to make the margins slightly larger so that you are not as limited in length? If not, how about Learn about ME? A play on word, as people may think you mean you, not M.E., but you may get more people to click on it that way anyway. :)

Jannie Funster said...

Liking the new look. LOVE the tagline.

Sorry, I cannot add anything to the quandary for your link.

I didn't know you design book covers for a living -- that's way cool and creative!


cinderkeys said...

Laurel: I'll increase the margins if I have to. I'm hoping to avoid that ...

Jannie: Have you noticed how a lot of blogs got a lot prettier a little over a month ago? That's because Blogger introduced new templates. Tweaking the blog took about 15 minutes. The design of the actual Cinder Bridge website will be more of a deal. :)

cinderkeys said...

Oh, and the tagline has always been the tagline. It's just bigger now. :)