Friday, July 9, 2010


Apparently, the NIH/FDA study on XMRV will be published within weeks.


The study pending from NIH/FDA attracted a lot of attention in June after news of its conclusions was leaked by a Netherlands news agency. The researchers have conducted additional experiments as requested by the reviewers and their paper is expected to be published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences within weeks.
From Mindy Kitei of CFS Central:
Sources to CFS Central say that the researchers' conclusions have not changed.
I am cautiously hopeful, but I'm not celebrating until I see the damn thing in print.


slothgoth said...

Indeed. Have the virtual champagne on ice, but it will stay there until we see whether this saga takes any more bizarre twists. I predict more articles like the Blindependent's rushed into print to throw pre-emptive mud at Alter's research in the next few weeks :(

Jeff Shattuck said...

Good news. Be patient, though... the medical community loves the patient, right?

cinderkeys said...

Janiejynx: The saddest thing about that article is that the reporter probably wasn't even trying to be biased. Most likely he just printed whatever fact sheet somebody gave him.

Jeff: Much of the medical community hasn't loved these particular patients. Here's hoping that will change soon.