Sunday, July 25, 2010

Theme songs

A couple days ago, Josh Hanagarne posted a question on his blog World's Strongest Librarian: what's your theme song? If your life were a movie, what tune would play when you came onscreen?

It's a fun question. So fun, I'm stealing it. (Thanks, Josh.)

I've picked up various anthems over the course of my life. Here are a couple:

Adam Ant, "Goody Two Shoes"

Don't drink don't smoke—what do you do?
Don't drink don't smoke—what do you do?
Subtle innuendos follow
Must be something inside

Loved this when it came out in 1981. What can I say? I was a very obedient, boring kid.

I still consider "Goody Two Shoes" an anthem of sorts. Turns out being a good adult is more difficult than being a good 12-year-old. I'm glad nobody told me this at the time.

They Might Be Giants, "Dead"

Now it's over I'm dead and I haven't done anything that I want
Or, I'm still alive and there's nothing I want to do

I was 21 when Flood was released. I had little idea of what I wanted to do with my life, and a great fear that I'd never know. Nothing expressed that feeling better than "Dead." I've sorted it out since then, but still have great affection for this song.

* * *

These days, if I need a specific theme song, I write it myself. It's good to be a songwriter.

How about you? What are your songs, and why?


Jeff Shattuck said...

"What are your songs and why?"

Cool question. There are so many, but over these past few years a few have stood out:

1) Things Aren't What They Used To Be, The Black Keys. I know this is a relationship song, but I think about vis a vis my brain injury.

2) Shade, by Mike Northcutt. This tune, by a friend of mine, is unreleased but I got an advance copy and I love it, especially for one line, "I'm a winner, but I can't leave the shade" which sums up being afraid to take chances.

3) Demons & Saints, by me (is this self-indulgent?). It was the first song I wrote after my brain injury.

Kerry said...

Hi Cinder, I just found your blog through Laurel's (Dreams at Stake). Theme songs- what a great way to express who yourself and to get to know someone else. I too was a "goody two shoes" young one, but turned them in for a more relaxed pair as an adult.

My theme songs (at least the one's I can find in my slow moving brain this morning) would be "Imagine" by John Lennon, "Hallelujah" (sang by kd lang or lee dewyze) and IZ's version of "Somewhere Over the Rainbow".

Fun post.

Zhoen said...

Um, those two are pretty good, actually. Spooky.

But I won't leave it there, need some time to consider.