Sunday, May 1, 2011

Good vibes at the TFF

Our Tucson Folk Festival gig has come and gone, and I'm winding down, basking in the afterglow. Highlights:
  • With Tucson weather comes a different definition for "the good seats." The first audience members to arrive at the Plaza stage took chairs on the left or right. Only after those were all grabbed up did anyone sit in the middle. Why? The trees off to the sides. (You'll also find this principle at work in parking lots, where many drivers choose spots in the shade instead of closest to wherever they're going.)

  • The weather was amazing, with a high of 74. Perfect. Wind provided the only meterological annoyance; I performed every single song with hair in my mouth. One of these days I'll give in and tie my hair back for outdoor gigs.

  • Good crowd. They seemed to like us. But come to think of it, anyone who didn't like us would have simply wandered off to one of the other three stages. The Tucson Folk Festival is cool that way.

  • The support we got was just amazing. Friends came, and they brought friends who hadn't seen us play before. Fellow musician buddy Chet had brought his video equipment and offered to record us. New Facebook pal Don shot a bunch of pictures of us, confident that he could get good pics even after I warned him how unphotogenic I was.

  • One of my greatest fears before the show was that technical difficulties would prevent KXCI from broadcasting us. I promoted the hell out of that broadcast, promising we'd play our ME/CFS advocacy song, "Everybody Knows About Me." I felt like if we didn't go on the air, I'd be personally responsible for letting everyone down. But two people have confirmed that the broadcast went fine. I think it started around 15 minutes later than I said it would, though, so I hope distant listeners hung in there.

  • Got sunburned again. Oh well.

  • Saturday night, I dropped CDs off at the Tucson Kitchen Musician's Store. I figured I'd given them more than enough. Not so. Within a half hour after we played, one of my friends informed me that we'd sold out. We rushed over with more CDs. By the time we left that evening, at least some of those had also sold.

  • I sure hope they let us do this again.

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