Sunday, May 8, 2011

Will this wind be so mighty ...

As I've mentioned before, the thing about outdoor gigs and singing is that you always end up with hair in your mouth.

Brushing hair out of my mouth between songs
at the 26th Annual Tucson Folk Festival
(Photo by Rick Johnson)

I came better prepared to yesterday's outdoor gig, in which we provided entertainment for a little neighborhood get-together. I tied my hair back. Barrettes only get part of the job done, though. Some stray and rebellious strands will always escape their clippy confines.

Good news: The wind consistently blew toward me, keeping those strands out of my face.

Bad news: Said wind also blew smoke from the ginormous barbecue grill directly in my face. Singing becomes more of a challenge when you're trying not to choke.

Win some, lose some.


Fireblossom said...

I love having long hair, but it sure can find the mouth. I wear hair bands a lot.

That sux about the bbq smoke!

DeppityBob said...

+1,000 on the title. :)