Sunday, May 29, 2011

Tagging ourselves

We've needed to update our business cards for a while now. This is the one we've been using for the past couple years:

The first problem? Check out the URL in the bottom left corner. Nobody uses Myspace anymore. Or at least we don't. I haven't felt the need to send people there since discovering how to put our songs on the sidebar of this blog.

Additionally, the tagline bugs me. It's accurate—a number of listeners who've seen us live have said they were surprised to hear such a big, full sound from just a keyboardist and a drummer. But if you've never heard us, is "little band, big sound" going to make you curious enough to try us out?

This time around, we went with one of my original ideas:

When I ran this past Ron the Drummer a few years ago, he had reservations. Why typecast ourselves as a coffeehouse band when we didn't want to limit ourselves to coffeehouses? I saw his point. But on reflection, "coffeehouse stadium rock" is a good description of our sound. We do singer-songwritery stuff that fits in well with the coffeehouse genre. We also play a lot louder than the typical singer-songwriter who brings herself and an acoustic guitar to a cafe. There's only so much you can turn down when drums are involved.

I haven't had a chance yet to hand one of these out to somebody who's unfamiliar with the band. However, I did get to give it to our producer yesterday when he visited Phoenix. He loved it. Thought it was hilarious. I'll take that as a good sign.

Here's hoping a lot of people ask for our cards in the near future.


Jeff Shattuck said...

I like the tag line. It's got some 'tude.

cinderkeys said...

Thanks. In addition to the 'tude, it makes people go "Huh?"

DeppityBob said...

I think it's completely aces. What a great little might make them think, "Huh?", but that might get them to listen and spread the word.And they may understand why that's exactly what it is. That was an excellent brain dropping. :)