Saturday, February 11, 2012

RIP, Whitney Houston

Whitney Houston died this afternoon. Sad.

I wasn't a fan. I don't think "because I can" is always a good reason to go for the highest of high notes. Still, she had an undeniable talent. She was probably a decent human being. And 48 is way too young to die.

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John Wenger said...

I wasn't a great fan of her either, but not because of the high notes she tried to hit, although that is an example of what I objected to. I found her singing too mannered, with all of those warbles she sang. She tried to wring out too much emotion that was not honestly earned (that's where the high notes come in). If you want to listen to someone who knew how to do it, listen to any recording of Mahalia Jackson.

What disturbed me was that she had a great voice, and if she had used it with more restraint, she would have been great (I know she is thought of as one of the greatest by many, but not by me). Sometimes less really is more.

I certainly feel sorry for her. She was young, and she had great talent and many adoring fans. I hope the coroner doesn't find the cause of death to be a result of her taking illicit drugs. They did find prescription drugs in her room, and maybe there was some sort of mistake or crazy drug interaction or something. I hope it wasn't the result of drug abuse.