Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Paws of the Past pics

In my last post about Saturday's gig, I talked more about my tragic inability to function in society than the actual gig. To balance things out a bit, a few details about the day's event:
  • The benefit, for HOPE Animal Shelter, was called Paws of the Past. Its purpose was to raise needed funds and honor past adoptees. Attendees were encouraged to bring their dogs or pictures of their adopted cats. A friend of a friend brought her two huge Airedales. They seemed happy to be there.
  • Before we started playing, Ron the Drummer introduced me to Al, who would be doing the auctions and announcing raffle winners. I found out the next day that Al was Allen "Big Al" Kath of KGUN 9. (If you live in Tucson, you've heard of him.) In the presence of celebrity, and I didn't even realize it.
  • Performance itself was pretty relaxed. We'd do a few songs, then hang back while someone else made announcements. During one of our breaks onstage, a woman gave me her business card and asked if we ever played at restaurants.
  • From the stage we had an amazing view of the Catalinas (or Santa Catalina Mountains for those of you not in the area). I wish I'd remembered to take a picture of them, but a picture wouldn't do them justice anyway.

Here are some photos. Except where noted, these are courtesy of Don Martin.

Ron! Are you having as much fun as I am?
Look at all these keys! When I press them down, they make noises.
Whee! Hey, Ron, why aren't you in any of these?
That's better.
More Ron the Drummer.
Check out how nice this stage looks. The shade was greatly appreciated. (Photo by Neill Mills.)
Whee, I say, whee!
Ron, with his brand spankin' new ride cymbal (left). Cymbal made its debut at this gig.
Thanks to everyone who came out. We had a great time.

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