Thursday, August 20, 2009

Before the broadcast

The more Ron the Drummer and I promote a Cinder Bridge event, the more nervous I get. What if it turns out we can't play at the last minute? What if the gig gets cancelled and there's no time to tell everyone?

We promoted the holy hell out of yesterday's Live at 5 radio interview. Through it all, I kept my fingers crossed. I hoped they wouldn't need to change the date on us again. I hoped I wouldn't come down with laryngitis. I hoped that if everything else went OK, I wouldn't forget all the words to our songs as we played live on the air.

Most of all, I hoped we wouldn't run out of time before we got to play "Everybody Knows About Me," about living with ME/CFS. I'd tried my hardest to get word out to the ME/CFS community that we'd be on the air with this song.

My worst fear almost came to pass.

Just before Ron and I were about to load up our equipment, he got a call from the station. Turns out KXCI's board was fried. They could still interview us and play songs from our album, Highways and Hiking Shoes, but we wouldn't be able to perform.

Talk about close calls. The station had a copy of our album, but not "Everybody Knows About Me." If they hadn't caught us before we hit the road, we would have left without it.

Compared to all the work and worrying, the actual interview was a breeze.

* * *

Next time: The actual interview.

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Unknown said...

I have to say, even just as the roadie and driving partner to my wife's gigs, I get real nervous. Not so much now with the coffee shops and other venues, but the radio shows especially. I usually end up sitting in the studio during the show, always afraid I'll sneeze or the host will suddenly ask me a question on-the-air. The hosts have been great, though - I just don't like that feeling of being too near the "stage".