Saturday, August 8, 2009

A night at the Glass Onion

Glass Onion gig has come and gone. All in all, things went quite well. Some highlights:

  • Before we began, the Glass Onion hosted a book-signing. The book, called Memories of Elvis, was about (unsurprisingly) people's memories of Elvis Presley. The writers stuck around for part of our set, and we took a short break while they raffled off one of their books. When they headed toward the door, I announced that Elvis was leaving the building. I'd been waiting all night to say that.

  • A two- or three-year-old toddled about the room for a while. I got nervous whenever he came close to the door (what if he opened it and ran out?) or our huge speaker (what if he pulled it down on top of himself?). I knew other people were watching him. He never got too far out of range without some adult reining him in. Still, I wondered. If it looked as though he were about to do something dangerous, at what point would I need to stop singing and yell for help?

  • A woman wandered in after most everyone else had called it a night. She'd never heard of us, but she stuck around until the end of our set and bought a CD. I love it when we're able to hook a total stranger.

  • A musician with a reputation for excellence also heard us for the first time and liked us. Feels pretty good when we make a positive impression on someone who really knows something about music.

  • Succumbing to chocolate temptation the previous night didn't affect my singing one bit. I feel vindicated.

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Anonymous said...

The tort was WAFER thin! ;)