Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Cinder Bridge on air on WEDNESDAY

Due to some scheduling changes at KXCI, Cinder Bridge is now doing Live at 5 on Wednesday, August 19. That's tomorrow at this writing.

We will play three songs, and there will also be an interview. They'll broadcast us sometime between 5 and 6 p.m. If you turn on at 5 and don't hear us right away, hang in there.

To listen on the radio (from Tucson), tune in to 91.3 FM.

To listen online, do this:
  1. Go to KXCI's "listen now" page at http://www.publicbroadcasting.net/kxci/ppr/index.shtml

  2. Click one of the two "play" options.
If you can't tell by looking which play option to choose, just try one; if it doesn't work, try the other.

And if you haven't done this sort of thing before, try following the instructions before Wednesday 5 p.m. Everything should work smoothly, but a little preparation never hurts.

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